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The meaning behind the name

Cotton Candy Heads Tees derived from the passion to love self.  Self love is what we want our customers to feel when they wear our shirts. Many times people feel prohibited or less than because they don’t fit into status quo. Even desiring to Change their natural state in order to feel acceptable. Whether it’s something that appears as minute as changing the natural "cotton candy" textured state of hair to a processed straight or removing dreadlocks, plastic surgery, bleaching skin, We at Cotton Candy Head Tees, believe that all people are beautiful.  Straight haired, cotton candy haired, covered haired, no haired, dark, light, skinny and thick people should embrace self love. Here we show love that is not based on society status quo. We embrace the royalty within you.  The symbolism of our logo, cotton candy hair, is our movement of self love, self empowerment and elevation. Please join our movement and embrace your beauty & strength!

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